Harper – Adopted!

Harper is a wonderful dog and so sweet!  She is estimated to be a Feist/Lab mix, about 45lbs, house-trained, rides well in the car, and loves to go for walks or be outside in the yard with other dogs or people. Harper enjoys playing with other dogs but also will choose to keep to herself and pay them no attention. She knows the commands sit and shake. She is good with children, not sure about cats… She does like to spy on the smaller critters in the yard or trees – has a bit of a hunting sense in her! She doesn’t bark much – occasionally if she hears a strange noise or if it sounds like someone is outside the door to the house, or if she sees a squirrel/bunny in the yard. She does love attention (what dog doesn’t?!) but is not invasive or pushy about getting it. You know when she is truly happy or excited because she crinkles up her nose and smiles really big!  She is truly one of the best dogs I’ve known.