Armi – Adopted!

Armi – Adopted!


Armi is a very sweet, easy-going, laid-back dog. When Armi first became part of his foster family, he seemed a little confused. He acted very independent and didn’t know how to respond to the love humans were showing him. However, after a few days of getting used to full-time love, his attitude changed drastically. He loves human attention and he loves being petted. He has found out what a couch is all about and loves to be your snuggle buddy!

Armi is full of the charms that come with an older age, but he has never lost the charms of the younger stages of his life. This means that he is outgoing and loves to go on walks and explore (he has good leash manners!). Once he is home, he knows how to relax and take naps. So, the best of both worlds!

He is about 7 years old and weighs about 45 lbs.  He is neutered and up to date on all his vaccinations. Armi is great with other dogs, big and small. He seems to ignore cats. He is crate trained and doesn’t have any issues with going in there.

Armi is always happy to see people and he would love to enjoy his life with loving people by his side.

Armi is being fostered in Lillington, NC.



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